Do you need equipment to monitor glider performance?

Do you need to comply with competition rules?

From our shop in South Australia, Glider Gear can help with these accessories for your glider.

Drop Greg a line to order any of the products shown here.

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Mini Plumes
European Manufacturer of fine scale gliders. Kits/ accessories from F3J to large scale.

Chin Model Aircraft
Hankering for a quality smooth flying balsa scale model? Get a model with character from:

silver twin-engined cessna

Chin Model Aircraft also offers laser and CNC router cutting from your files. The service is excellent and so is the cutting. Shipping from Thailand is not expensive. Turnaround times are good.

NNE Winches
If you're after a World-Class glider winch made in Australia, Bernie Sizer can help:

The MAAA (Model Aeronautical Association of Australia) is the leading authority in Australia governing flying model aircraft: is a forum to discuss eSoaring height limited competitions, models, and tactics.

Gerry Carter designs and produces Glider Score. If you want to run a glider competition this software will help. Used at most competitions in Australia. (email Gerry for info).


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CLM Pro is a Croatian company engaged in designing and manufacturing custom composite parts.

Due to 30 years of experience in RC modelling and numerous first places we have won in many competitions in RC gliding categories, such as F3K, F3J and F5J, we have decided to focus on the market for manufacturing composite parts for RC models.

Our goal is to offer top quality products at prices for every budget. Our products are always up to date, which means the product design is sleek and practical, as well as top quality for the most demanding competitors.

We always strive to follow the global trends and new technologies, so we do research on them and, ultimately, test new products.

If you are looking for a quality glider pod and boom for anything from 1.5m span to 4m+, electric or standard, or associated accessories, contact me for a price.

It will be cheaper then ordering direct from CLM-Pro. If it’s not in stock it will be ordered immediately and as a dealer my orders get priority.

For details of all available products see

Thanks, Greg.

Hollein electric gliders

Their vast range of pure and electric gliders is now available in Australia.

If you like to build and appreciate laser- cut precision with structures made from traditional and composite materials then Hollein offer solutions for everyone.

Check out their range, pick your ship then drop us a line to order.

Hollein website


Pike Perfection Tail Skid

Save your rear end with a Glider Gear Perfection Tail Skid.

CNC cut carbon plate with lightening holes It's easy to fit (mask off adjacent areas while gluing with resin or Cyano).


Pike Perfection Flap Horns

Perfection flap horns have a tendency to break flap horns or push them up through the top skin on hard landings. I’ve had it happen twice.

The solution is to replace the installed flap horn with a CNC cut FG horn which spreads the load over a greater area of the flap surface.

Simply Dremel out the aluminium threaded insert and form a 2mm slot deep into the flap extending vertically from the inner surface of the top skin to the inner surface of the bottom skin and deep enough for the new horn to fit right into the flap so the pivot point is in roughly the same place as it was before.

Mix up some epoxy and micro balloons and glue the new horn in place.

No more issues snapping the brass horns or damaging the top skin of the flap. These horns are available for $8 a pair posted anywhere in Australia. If you are overseas contact me for a postage cost. It won’t be much.

Laser cutting for aeromodellers and others.

Low cost, fast, high quality laser cutting for model aircraft builders from plans or direct from your own CAD drawings. 

We have access to a huge stock of quality balsa wood and basswood ply or you can supply some or all of your own material if you wish. Cutting sizes up to 1000mm by 600mm.

Send your drawing files in any CAD format (such as DXF or DWG) or a copy of your plan in PDF format for a quote.

Life’s too short to spend hours cutting out complex shapes by hand when the laser cutter can do it accurately in seconds.  And it’s repeatable over and over again.

We can also supply all of the balsa sheet and strip wood you need to complete your new build.  Your new project will be in action much sooner with the help of GP Aero Laser.

Transmitter Shoulder Harness
These harnesses suit both tray-type radios and handheld radios.

Material: aluminium 6061-T6 (anodized)

black straps, anodised orange frame harnessFour-point length regulation lets you adjust the strap exactly to your body. The strap is 37mm wide. It makes using it as comfortable as possible, even for many hours.

I’ve been using one for some time now and it is extremely comfortable. The clips are metal not plastic like some other brands.

Preorder : $60 plus postage

The absolute best way to install your precious digital servos into a wing has to be with a servo frame and the best ones are from Glider Gear. Sourced from Europe used widely in competition, these won't let you down.

yellow estrella wing servoframes on topEasy to fit, strong, light and easy access to your servos for removal, the servo frame is the best solution. Stop gluing your servos in and glue servoframes in instead.

Plastic-injection production leads to precise frames and constant quality at low prices. Easy replacement of servos on the field by removing 2 to 4 screws.

Frames available for

  • JR 361/362/368
  • JR 3401
  • JR 171
  • Airtronics 94761
  • Hitec HS 81/82

AUD$25.00 per pair ex post.

Winch Parachute

Fluorescent Orange for high visibility. FAI compliant. Rip-stop nylon, with strong cord. Designed for European (not US) towhook attachment where the chute isn't part of any towline stress.

Price: AU$10 each or 3 for $20 including postage Australia-wide.

For International prices inc. shipping, contact Greg.

Wiring Looms

Make a hard task easier when buidling a modern competition glider.

We have ready-to-install wiring looms made to measure.

Produced using high-current, silicon-coated twisted servo cable throughout.

Either Computer 9-pin D plugs or MPX 6 pin plugs provided.

Price: AU$45 ex-post for an average full house glider.

For other models please contact Greg.


Servo mounting screws

bunch of screws on white tableThis screw has become a widely used fastener in model building. It really does have a million uses! You can mount your servos, but it's also great for canopies, cowls, hatches, landing gear straps and much more.

It has a self-contained flange that completely covers the servo grommets and acts as a normal washer on other applications.

It has a deep non-slip socket head that takes a 5/64  (2mm) Allen Key or Ball Driver. 11mm (7/16") or 14mm (9/16") lengths available.

Price: 100 screws per pack for $10 ex. post.

Product Reviews

The SparcLaser 30% DH-82 Tiger Moth Short Kit

This kit is based on the Gary Allen Giant Scale Tiger Moth plan available from the Airage Store. Mind you my copy of the plan never arrived but fortunately I had a set in PDF and JPG format that I could have printed locally to use for building on.

I believe this plan was featured in an issue of Model Airplane News. The plan is fairly detailed but does show signs of having been copied many times. A few lines are distorted but nothing serious.

All required parts are drawn on the plans and all wood sizes and types are documented.

The SparcLaser short kit is beautifully cut from quality materials (except parts such as the firewall and motor mounting box that should be from birch ply but are only cut from Lite ply).

However once you get started on building you quickly realize that most of the parts are inaccurate or just plain wrong. It was most disappointing. I’m happy to accept a few discrepancies between parts and plan but when you find almost every part you try to use does not match the plan it gets quite frustrating.

For example the wing ribs are all 3mm short between the two main spar positions so when you lay them on the plan they don’t match the drawing. This then makes them 3mm short overall compromising the scale outline.

All of the supplied fuselage ply gussets are wrong, not one is actually usable without modification. The wing tip parts don’t fit, some I had to modify and others I had to cut again by hand.

Some of the cowl parts don’t fit together as they should without significant modification. Some of the fuselage top formers are the wrong shape. In addition several sets of parts which are clearly drawn on the plans are not even provided. For example the plan shows all the parts required for the optional upper wing slats. However the kit, whilst providing all the small parts, does not include the slats themselves.

The rear hatch cover for the fuselage is missing. The top half of the cowl hinging setup is missing. All of these missing parts are clearly shown on the plans.

Templates for the smaller brass fittings are provided, cut from drafting board, but many are missing even though they clearly appear on the plan. I’ll continue the build and fabricate the missing parts myself and modify the inaccurate parts to fit but my enthusiasm for an accurate large Scale Tiger Moth has been dampened somewhat. I should have drawn all my own parts and had them cut to order then any mistakes would have been my own.


Repair Service

busted yellow e4 fuzDon't bin that molded aeroplane!

For pilots with no time to mend their ships, Glider Gear offers a repair service. Let us bring your favourite molded machine back from the brink and get it airworthy again.

Call or email for a quote. Send in pictures of the damage to assess feasibility & estimated cost.

We can fix just about anything.


Building Service

red estrella wing buildHave your latest ship built and ready for you to fly. Years of experience in building and flying gives us the know-how to ensure your glider is built right, with the right gear inside.Call or email for a quote. We can build just about anything.

Dreamflight Ahi

Ahi is an EPO foam slope soarer you can fly anywhere. Big flapperons allows you to slow it like DLG for safe landings.

We have Ahis in stock but numbers are limited.

More details from Dreamflight

Grab the brochure


  • WINGSPAN 1200 mm (47.2 in)
  • WING AREA 20.52 dm2 (318 in2)
  • WEIGHT 340-425 gm (12-15 oz)
  • WING LOADING 16.6-20.7 gm/dm2 (5.4-6.8 oz/ft2)
  • CONTROLS 4-6 Channels (flaperons)
  • SKILL LEVEL Accomplished Weaseler!
  • ASSEMBLY Under an hour
  • FLIGHT STYLE Freestyle slope shredder
  • WIND SPEED 4-9 m/s (8-20 mph)