Accessories for the competitive glider pilot

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Pike Perfection Skid

Save your rear end with this light weight carbon skid

Designed for the Pike Perfection. CNC cut carbon plate with lightening holes.

It's easy to fit; just mask off adjacent areas while gluing with resin or Cyano.

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Pike Perfection Flap Horns

Replace the weak stock items with ours

Perfection flap horns have a tendency to break. I've had it happen twice. The solution is to replace the installed flap horn with a CNC cut fibregalss horn which spreads the load over a greater area of the flap surface.

To install, Dremel out the aluminium threaded insert and form a 2mm slot deep into the flap extending vertically from the inner surface of the top skin to the inner surface of the bottom skin and deep enough for the new horn to fit right into the flap so the pivot point is in roughly the same place as it was before.

Mix up some epoxy and micro balloons and glue the new horn in place. The result is no more snapped brass horns or damaging the top skin of the flap.

These horns are available for $8 a pair posted anywhere in Australia. If you are overseas contact me for a postage cost. It won’t be much.

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