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Feb. 2022: Dreamflight stock arriving in California later this month. Order now to ensure you get what you want in the first Australian shipment.
Dec. 2021: Alpha 2M now with flap servos in the wings
Dec. 2021: eMini Dart 2 now available. A 1m electric ball of high-tech fun!
October 2020: Glider Gear is now the Australian Dealer for Alpha 2M F5J gliders
If you love RC Gliding and if you love flying and building using the latest RC glider technology then we can help.

Based in Adelaide, South Australia, Glider Gear stocks the best performing and best value kits, accessories and gliders available.

Our expanding range of laser-cut kits, ARTFs and competition composite gliders are supplied by manufacturers such as Jim Aero, Hollein, CLM Pro , Servorahmen and Dreamflight.

Get in touch to order any of the products shown here.

To order:

mob:  0413 588906 or email


e-Kite competition F5K in gloss black
Soaring Models

Glider Gear is pleased to offer this new line of competition-level RC gliders to the expert pilot. Avaailable to order now from their expanding range are the F3K Kite, F5K e-Kite and Mini Dart II 1M DLG, ,

The next-gen F5K e-Kite (shown above) is exquisitely made.

The Mini Dart II is now available (Dec. '21) with an electric motor.

Check out Soaring Models' YouTube

Kite F3K at the beach
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Alpha 2M F5J

The Alpha 2M is an exquisitely crafted F5J glider from Vitalii Vashchenko made using the latest solid-core technology. Special features of this model include:

  • Low drag fuselage with plentiful access for easy RC installation.
  • Canopy retained by magnets.
  • 2M high aspect ratio, high efficiency wing using Drela F5J sections; ideal for working small-radius thermals.
  • Optimised L/D lets the Alpha 2.0 return from far downwind.
  • Two piece wing, removable tailplane.

The accessory bag contains a tail pylon, 'glass fuselage servo mount, carbon servo covers, wire for flap and aileron pushrods, pull cable and torque springs for the tail surfaces, and all control horns. No manual is available; refer to Alpha 2.0 RCGroups thread for guidance including recommended set-ups.

Also check out Alpha 2M on YouTube.

Accessories available include:

  • wing and tail bags
  • fuselage cover
  • set of joiner bars at 3,4,5,6 and 7 degrees
  • MM1914-1100 Front mount 22mm motor
  • Delivery is 6 weeks from order if there are none in stock.

Australian price is $749 excluding freight from Adelaide.

Ahi foam slope soarer
Dreamflight Ahi

The perfect slope soarer with which to practice your aerobatic skills. The Ahi is all-foam, durable, portable; and a joy to fly.

Watch the Ahi dance on Surfimp's YouTube channel.

Watch the Ahi frolic off the Great Orme UK on Andy Ellison's YouTube channel.

Watch an Ahi de-boxing (and LE carbon mod) on Jeff Howard's YouTube channel.

Element 3 kit laid out

CLM Pro design and produce custom composite parts and kits for the discerning glider pilot.

They design and produce glider sailplanes, electric sailplanes, kits, fuselages, fuselage sets, pods, carbon tailbooms, d-boxes and other accessories.

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Hollein Gliders

Their vast range of pure and electric gliders is now available in Australia. If you like to build and appreciate laser- cut precision with structures made from traditional and composite materials then Hollein offer solutions for everyone.

Check out their range, pick your model then drop us a line to order.

laser cut parts on bench
GP Aero Laser

Laser cutting for modellers

GP Aero Laser offers you low cost, high quality laser cutting for builders from plans or direct from your own CAD drawings.

We have access to a huge stock of quality balsa wood and basswood ply or you can supply some or all of your own material if you wish.

Cutting sizes up to 1000mm by 600mm. Send your drawing files in any CAD format (such as DXF or DWG) or a copy of your plan in PDF format for a quote.

Neutrino black wing on bench
Neutrino F5J Glider

An ultra light competition F5J glider 3.95 m wingspan.

The wing of the Neutrino F5J consists of 4 parts, the fuselage consists of 2 parts, which greatly simplifies its transportation.

Longest wing panel = 1120 mm. The Neutrino uses a series of sections;  DI8120...820; specially designed for ultra light F5J gliders.

Thickness varies from 6.9% on the root to 5.0% on the tip.

Check out their range, pick your model then drop us a line to order.



If you want to run a glider competition this software system is the best. Used at World Championships, National and local comps. GliderScore  is easy to use, It supports all glider comp. categories and even offers live results functionality.

NNE Winches

If you're after a World-Class glider winch made in Australia, Bernie Sizer can help:

Model Aeronautical Asociation of Australia

The MAAA (Model Aeronautical Association of Australia) is the leading authority in Australia, governing flying model aircraft:

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